Lethal Veronica

Stats: 5-6, 135 lb.
Location: Amsterdam & Rotterdam
Specialities: wrestling, domination

Contact Info
Mobile Phone: 31-6-48334019 
Direct E-Mail:
Additional Information
Veronica says: "I am a Very competitive wrestling Goddess from the Netherland,  I love to be in total control of my competitors; through the years I have been defeating men and women on the wrestling mats and events, and I'm still going strong   I am Very Dominant by nature. Apparently my fees fees are reasonable.I'm "dark and exotic,"  about 5'6 and have a naturally athletic physique..
I am a very experienced Wrestler and have always been physically fit & active,at all times.  I frequently run marathons,  and am into various sports, etc. Wrestling and being dominant is just natural to me. So, I love kicking some serious butt, overpowering & dominating.  I am the Real dea: what you see is what you get.

Yes I am for real, not a fake, strong and proud doing various sports. I am a marathon runner too so watch  your step, I am always one step ahead!! Very fast strong and can get very furios when challenged; I love to be challenged it seems few people have the guts to challenge me.  I am a woman with few words so lets cut to the chase: If you dare to meet The world class wrestling Goddess, feel my wrestling skills and feel my power while i am putting my deadly wrestling holds on you,one after another."
  • 12/01: "Veronica is about 1.60 m (5.3) and weighs about 55 kg (130 lbs). She is more than remarkebly strong, especially since she has been doing extra weightlifting since june 2001. She is attractictive and has a beautiful muscular body, though not like a bodybuilder. She is quick on the mat, has a lot of technique and it is obvious she loves to wrestle. I have wrestled five different professional female wrestlers (among them Iron Belles Cheryl Harris and Colette Guimond) but Veronica is the only one who has ever beaten me in a one hour session. Veronica wrestles competetively, but if you are not up to her ( and as I understand most of her customers are not) she also wrestles semi-competetively or fantasy. Do not underestimate her small size if you visit her. I am a fit male of 1.78 m (5-10) and 75 kg (170 lbs) and I am very quick on the mat, but I have had no easy sessions with her."
  • 9/02: "Lethal Veronica is a young, enthusiastic, athletic African dominatrix from Belgium who is quite skilled, particularly defensively, and generally energetic in wrestling, and can hold off and trap as well as reverse positions quite effectively.  Her musculature is thick, but not as defined as a body-builder, giving her a more natural, feminine appearance.  She is stunningly beautiful, particularly when she is enjoying herself  dominating and torturing you in one of her holds.  In the class with Tigra, Th'resa and Raquel (I've been with the first two a couple of times, only have tapes of Raquel), she is a wonderful package right now and has tremendous potential for becoming even more overwhelming.  A classy, personable lady who is a wonder that must be experienced!"
  • 11/05: "She was friendly, professional, and as I would soon find out she was also very experienced and strong.  Veronica is only about 5 ft. 4 in and about 125 lbs. and I am 5 ft. 11in and weigh about 160 lbs., but she had no problem dominating the match with her quickness, experience, and strength.  We wrestled semi-competetively and had a lot of fun but she put me into a lot of different holds and I could not escape most of them.  Throughout our one hour session, I could not get one submission out of her but she made me submit many times, mostly by using her legs which are very strong.  "

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