Stats: 1.60 m (5'2''), 54 kg (120 lb.) 
Location: Belgium
Specialities: competitive wrestling

Contact Info
E-mail: xanafighter@yahoo.fr , fightingirl@hotmail.com

Additional Information
Je suis Xana, lutteuse d'origine russe, habitant en Belgique, de nationalité belge. J'ai 33 ans, je mesure 160m et pèse 54 kg. J'ai pratiqué la lutte libre à St Petersbourg, j'ai fait 7 ans de taekwan-do et beaucoup de fitness. J'adore la lutte en style soumission, en mixte mais surtout entre filles.Je recherche des filles combatives

I'm Xana, a wrestler of Russian origin living in Belgium. I have Belgian citizenship, I'm 33 years old, 54 kg and 160 cm.  I practised free style in St Petersburg , I did 7 years in taekwan-do and a lot of fitness sessions. I love to wrestle in submission style in mixed and more between girls. I always look for combative girls.

  • 6/08: "Xana is a skilled, excellent wrestler, in absolutely superb aerobic condition, who is quite strong for her size.  She has well-developed upper body muscles, and wrestles as intensely and competitively as one can handle.  She regularly works out at a “catch-lutte,” or wrestling/jiu-jitsu studio in Brussels.  Her location is not far from a metro stop, a bit on the small side but perfectly set up for any sort of wrestling session, except perhaps a real MA session requiring lots of jumping about.  It includes a shower and small changing area.

    Xana is as beautiful as her pictures, and really enjoys a good session.  She is equally good at fantasy and roleplaying, sensual, and competitive.  She is intelligent, cheerful, and fun to talk to, but completely serious on the mats.  She can speak and read/write English at an intermediate level, but it really helps if you can speak French (it will make the session more enjoyable, too, if you understand her taunts!).  Xana gave me everything I could handle and then some, and I’m 6’0 and 225.  Against an average-sized guy or smaller, I expect she’ll probably wipe the mat with him—but I guarantee he’ll enjoy every second of it. "
  • 1/09: "Last Friday I was again fortunate to meet the great and beautiful Xana from Brussels. I cannot highly enough recommend her. With every visit (unfortunately only once-a-year) she is becoming stronger and stronger without loosing her femininity. If you look for a good fight, Xana is the best place to go (blue belt in BJJ). Are you interested to meet a beautiful woman, you have to visit Xana. If you like “fantasy wrestling”, Xana is excellent, because she is very sensitive. If you are in search of a good massage, she is brilliant. If you like a nice talk, she is intelligent and friendly, with a winning smile. So, why you are still looking for other women if the best choice is so close?"



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