Bunny Glamazon

Stats: 6-3, 230 pounds, Exotic Dancer, 42DDD" chest
Location: Evansville, IN
Specialities: fantasy wrestling,  muscle worship, exotic dancing and domination

Contact Info
E-mail: bunnyglamazon1@hotmail.com
Cell: 229.630.6741

Additional Information
"Just to let you know that I am now living in Evansville, IN and I have a session house here. I give a discount when I do them here!!!! And I also have weekend stay-overs.

If you like to take advantage of this when I am here at home please e-mail or give me a call on my cell phone at 229-630-6741."

  • 6/00: "She's a very pretty blond, with the look of a fashion model, yet extremely strong & powerful!! A very tall & well built girl (not fat just very solid) with above average wrestling ability & YES!....she also does semi-& full competitive wrestling, not just fantasy!! Since I was only about half her size, I basically had only two chances. SLIM & NONE!! She literally threw me around the room with ease & locked me up TIGHT!!, with those sturdy dancer legs of hers, for the better part of an hour!! She's a lot like Gabrielle Hames(only not as bulky) in the sense that if you don't have any size or have any real wrestling skills (OR BOTH) you will get eaten alive!! She is also very sweet & courteous. I would definitely recommend her for any type of match, from fantasy to full competition!"
  • 12/00: "I'm 6'3", 235 lbs. and walked into a room feeling dwarfed. I knew immediately there's no way I was going to move this woman anywhere she didn't want to go. She's an incredible sight to walk into. While there's no real definition in her arms or legs, she's huge and all-around solid and about as strong as she has to be to do whatever she wants with someone even my size. When she pushed me with her arms and used a little of her weight to get leverage, I had no choice but to go where I was being pushed. I tried but she's just so solid in every area, there's no way to get the leverage. Her arms are very large and, along with her weight, can pretty much put you where she wants until she gets those legs around you and your day is done boys. She literally moved me around the mat with just her legs like I weighed 50 lbs., with a smile and little effort. I was simply 'placed' where she wanted, lifted or moved, held down or held up, twisted or smothered...didn't matter....there was no way to get leverage as this is one big woman with the moves and the strength to dominate easily. ...If you're under 6'1" or so and less than 200, forget it...and I don't care how strong you think you are.....this woman will completely dominate any way she feels like it. I thought about the fact that she offers kick boxing and I'm sure she could knock your lights out and your head off with those legs comng at you. In the end, she was extremely sweet, very attractive and accomodating."
  • 5/06: "Bunny is awesome because you get the whole amazon experience.  She towered over me and easily over-powered me. When she squeezed me, I thought I was going to break a rib and she wasn't even trying.  She
    dominated me in arm wrestling and easily got on top of me.  She doesn't look as strong as some of the other women but she has a lot of power.  She easily picked me up with one arm.  I also got to enjoy her huge breasts and she wasn't shy about revealing them.  She did watch the clock and was a little business-like."


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