Lexy Legs


Stats: 5-6 140 pounds,
Location: Pawtucket, RI
E-mail: gina8673@yahoo.com
Cell: 401-327-5651
Qualifications & Training: Wrestled Varsity on Boys Wrestling Team, Gymnastics training, 11 years organized softball, 6 years track, 3 years ice skating and 6 years basketball
Competitive wrestling up to 180lbs, semi competitive wrestling, fantasy wrestling, pin or submission wrestling, scissor sessions, sensual wrestling, role play, domination, ball busting, smothering and muscle worship

Additional Information

I really enjoyed wrestling in HS and especially when I won because the guys gave all they had against me rather than lose to a girl in front of a gym of fans. I got several pins and that was the best, I could feel the guy’s desperation as I had him in a tight pinning combination it gave me such a rush and I’d keep him there for a couple of seconds after the pin before letting him up. I thought that was over until a former classmate told me that I could make money wrestling guys and later mentioned wb270. I’ve wrestled several guys now and learned submission wrestling and it’s even more of a thrill than pinning a guy and I love rubbing it in by taunting and teasing him for getting beaten by a girl. Even more exciting is using my legs to force submissions, they always were my major power source. It’s a whole new exciting world for me, so come on guys and let me show you what it feels like to be forced to submit to a girl.

Update 4/2014: " I've been away due to a death in the family took some personal time. I am now sessioning in warwick and providence. And have trained past 2 months great shape ready to rumble"

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