Stats: 5-5 130 pounds, born: 1983 
Location: Southern California (San Diego, Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles area) - willing to travel as well
Specialities: boxing, muai thai, bjj, semi-competitive and competitive wrestling.

Additional Information

"I have always been competitive and its in my blood.  People know me as being "the most athletic" person they know.  I can pick up all sports very easily.  some recognitions of my past time include: Captain of sports teams,  school surf team member, second in triathlon, 5th in off-road triathlon,  fight of the nights in my amateur MMA career, 2nd place swimming. Oh and I'm smart too- top 10% in class. Typical Asian in that sense lol.   Right now I train 2 times a day, focusing on MMA.  I am very strong for my size and can hold down guys or girls who are a lot heavier.  Looks are deceiving and this is exceptionally true for myself.  I may look like a submissive asian girl, but I am very strong.  I am here for guys who want competition.  Don't ask me to do anything else.

Please e-mail for face pictures.  Aloha"

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