Stats:  5-11, 140 pounds, 34-26-38, born: 1988, foot size 9, biceps: 11 in., quads: 21 in., calves: 14 in.
Location: Winchester, VA - also available in Warrenton, Manassas, Fairfax County, basically anywhere between Winchester & DC
Scissors sessions, bodyscissors, full nelsons, semi-competitive grappling, muscle worship.

Additional Information
"I'm Nadia, and have been a model since I was a kid beating up the neighborhood boys in our yard. We'd have contests on our trampoline to see who could get out of my bodyscissors and I never lost my title as "queen of the trampoline." Though it kind of stopped when I broke two of my friend's ribs -- lol! I grew up, but my head and bodyscissors have been owning boyfriends since and they will own you. I can make you suffer in my long, athletic legs as long as I want, then put you out cold at my will. And you better tap in my full nelson or you might end up with two shoulders where they are not supposed to be. I also love the ankle choke which I might let you tap in -- depending on how much you beg -- as it might be the hold I find the most humiliating as guys choke at my feet."

Winchester is becoming an outer suburb of DC, but Nadia comes from the old Winchester, not NOVA: Valley not Tidewater; Country more than Southern Belle; the Virginia of Mosby, Jackson  and Early. Photos show a tall beauty.  In person Nadia is beautiful, but less model-like and more imposing, smart, quick-witted with a little edge.  In speech, manners, look and being her own woman, Nadia reminds me of both Winona and Ava, the two women in the FX Series "Justified."  But bigger, stronger and more physical.  When we wrestled, she overpowered me with surprising ease.  Nadia likes causing pain a bit, making you really submit.  Not particularly technical, but an athlete: strong, agile, aggressive, and inventive.  Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.  Nadia won't be drawn into a long e-mail exchange, but if you just concisely tell her what you want, she'll respond.  If you make an appointment she'll keep it, and she is easily worth the drive from DC or Baltimore. -wb

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