Shauna Ryanne

Stats: 5-4, 130 pounds, Biceps: 12.5", Calves: 14.5", Quads: 22.5", Bust: 34C, Born: 1984
Location: Las Vegas
Specialities: Semi-Competitive and Fantasy Wrestling, Catfighting, Submission Holds/Pins, Scissor Sessions, Domination, Role Play, Foot Fetish, Ballbusting, Beat Downs, Belly Punching, Trash Talking
Additional Information
Shauna has trained as a dancer and been a skilled athlete all her life - So it's no wonder that fitness is a huge part of her daily routine. She trains hard and heavy 4x/week and is known for her lethal legs! With her fiery red hair, captivating blue eyes, and girl-next-door charm - It's no wonder she steal the hearts of men and women alike. She has the face of an angel and a curvaceous body made for sin!

But don't let her sweet smile fool you -- She is also a US Army Veteran and a fierce competitor! She has experience wrestling both men and women in the gym and for various video companies. Shauna is a naturally dominant female who loves engaging in role-play scenarios.

Shauna says:

I travel often so please give as much notice as possible. I can't do last minute sessions. I do not provide a location unless I am traveling and have a room. I now offer discounts for people who leave a deposit. I do NOT offer topless, nudity, smothering/face sitting or sexual acts/release during my sessions.

NOTE: Emails without the following details may be ignored
  1. SUBJECT: City and State
  2. First and Last name
  3. Type of session you're looking for (Be detailed!)
  4. Contact Information (Phone or Email)
  5. Previous session experience (References are a big plus!)
Shauna has appeared on a number of competitive and semi-competitive wrestling websites:
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