Shauna Ryanne

Stats: 5-4, 130 pounds, Biceps: 12.5", Calves: 14.5", Quads: 22.5", Bust: 34C, Born: 1984
Location: Las Vegas
Specialities: Semi-Competitive and Fantasy Wrestling, Catfighting, Submission Holds/Pins, Scissor Sessions, Domination, Role Play, Foot Fetish, Ballbusting, Beat Downs, Belly Punching, Trash Talking
Additional Information
Shauna has trained as a dancer and been a skilled athlete all her life - So it's no wonder that fitness is a huge part of her daily routine. She trains hard and heavy 4x/week and is known for her lethal legs! With her fiery red hair, captivating blue eyes, and girl-next-door charm - It's no wonder she steal the hearts of men and women alike. She has the face of an angel and a curvaceous body made for sin!

But don't let her sweet smile fool you -- She is also a US Army Veteran and a fierce competitor! She has experience wrestling both men and women in the gym and for various video companies. Shauna is a naturally dominant female who loves engaging in role-play scenarios.

Shauna says:

I travel often so please give as much notice as possible. I can't do last minute sessions. I do not provide a location unless I am traveling and have a room. I now offer discounts for people who leave a deposit. I do NOT offer topless, nudity, smothering/face sitting or sexual acts/release during my sessions.

NOTE: Emails without the following details may be ignored
  1. SUBJECT: City and State
  2. First and Last name
  3. Type of session you're looking for (Be detailed!)
  4. Contact Information (Phone or Email)
  5. Previous session experience (References are a big plus!)
Shauna has appeared on a number of competitive and semi-competitive wrestling websites:
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       photo       photo


  • 7/2014: "Recently had a great semi-competitive wrestling session with Shauna Ryanne.  She was both strong and capable (as well as drop-dead attractive).  She wouldn’t be able to beat an athletic guy twice her size, but she can certainly compete with those closer to her size (the scissors are definitely lethal).  She has great attitude, personality, and sense of humor making) her very fun to be around.  She was fully attentive to the session (no calls or interruptions) and not a clock-watcher.  Looking forward to our next session where we’re going to try half semi-comp and half fantasy scenario.  I’ve done over 100 sessions in the last 15 years & I highly recommend Shauna."

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