Petra (Tyler)

Stats: 5-6, 130 pounds, 36-24-36, African American BB, 14" biceps, 18" thigh, 150 lb. benchpress
Location: San Francisco 
Specialities: wrestling, boxing, kickboxing 

Contact Info
Phone: 415-219-5669
Additional Information
Petra has worked as Tyler at Castelbar, but now is available directly.  She got a favorable review from Jabber on the Valkyrie site. 
  • 7/00: "Tyler is a very good looking, smart, female fighter who can play just as rough as you want. Her web page describes her as a boxer, kickboxer and wrestler. She is also skilled in karate. Exploring the feminine power of this woman warrior was a real kick. She is safe in the sense that when I told her the limits I wanted, she did not go beyond those limits. When I asked her to hit some areas harder and other areas more gently, she did that. I had exactly the match I was looking for, and it was not a competitive match.... If you prefer a muscle worship session, or a wrestling session, or a ballbusting session, or if you are looking for a sexy manbeater to pummel you with her fists, feet, knees, elbows or the edges of her hands, Tyler is ideal. "
  • 9/02: "Small, but talented wrestler/boxer/martial artist, who aims to please.  Does not have a regular location, so had to use hotel room.  Very difficult to reach by e-mail & only a little better by phone, but a good session if you can get her."
  • 9/05: "Petra is a small but very tough wrestler.  Her primary strength is upper body, and she has either not learned or chooses not to use her legs much.  Consequently, there weren’t enough scissors for my taste.  Nevertheless, Petra offers a good session in the competitive to fantasy/sensual range.  She lives in the Bay Area, but has no access to a wrestling facility, so it has to be a hotel session"


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