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29 September 2014

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September - Kimbra Hungary - Riri London - Island Desire Arlington, VA - Megan Jones moved to Myrtle Beach, SC - Linda Evil Milan - Madam Lucrecia Prague

August - Deadly Nightshade London - Katy Jae Orlando - Heather Armbrust San Diego - Claudia Muscle Milan - Ronya Switzerland - Orlandoe moved to Richmond - Ashley Wildcat Wheaton IL - MaxieMax Tampa - Sassy San Fernando Valley - Raylene Atlanta

July - Jenna and Jessica Hungary - Tyffany Pink Portland - Safa has moved to Nicosea, Cyprus -  Maria UK - Mistress Layla moved to New York City - Rayne Dallas

June - Sasha Hungary - CharlieJay Colorado Springs  - Felice Combattente Kolblenz/Dresden - Electra is back in Seattle - SALTIRE and XENA Glasgow - Merceded Phoenix Montreal - Phoebe added in Chorely (near Manchester)

May - Flame Glasgow - Ruby Glasgow - Lildoll Moore Cincinnati - Annie Atlanta - Syoja Baltimore - Miss Daniels Toronto - Combat Glasgow - Allpwrfull New Mexico - Hot_Tamale South Beach/Miami - Iron Baby moved to Tampa

April - Kumi Atlanta - Zoey Doll Los Angeles - Audrina Boston - Coral Sands available again in Mobile - Maria Queen Brazil - Ameera Cakes Denver - Mistress Dometria Brighton, England - Kat O' Harvey Manchester, England- Lexy Legs moved to Pawtucket, RI - Devon D'Amo, moved to Los Angeles - Muscle Vixen moved to Ft Lauderdale - Virosca Madrid - Phirey Phoenix Pittsburgh - KATA Hungry - Mira Hungary

March - Sahara Knite Kent, England - Ms Reina Haifa - Dakkota Grey Grand Rapids, MI -  Maggy moved to the Cleveland Area- Lela Beryl Clearwater - Isis Quaintrelle East Bay

February - Black Beauty Pittsburgh - ENIGMA Croatia - Carla (UK) London- Rosalie Hungary - Eva Damoh Barcelona - Saharra Huxly St. Petersburgh FL area - MMM (Mistress Muscle Michelle) Lisbon and all over Europe - AZTan Vancouver, BC

January - Arekah Lox returned to Los Angeles - Rapture is back in Las Vegas - Ariel X moved to San Francisco- Kalen Prague - Tyler moved to Chicago - Vikinga Barcelona, Madrid & Alicante -  Mistress Josephine Drake available again in San Francisco - Leila Locks Pittsburgh - Nadia has moved to Warrenton, VA - Lady Mentha Hungary - BARBIE Queen Muscle Riccione, Italy - Scottish Tests of Strength and Mixed Wrestling Glasgow - Jenny Badeau Wiltshire - Isamar Gutierrez moved to San Francisco

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