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3 December 2016

Please send all messages to wb270@yahoo.com

Please note that wb270.com will be updated infrequently if at all Dec. 10 Through Dec. 17.  Plan Accordingly

Recent additions by month

December -
Miss Pink Ireland

November - Jessica Nova Winter Park, FL - Miss Kay O London - The Glamazon West Midlands - Madam Virginie Prostějov, Czech Republic - Anna Grand Rapids, MI - Mistress Josephine Drake moved to Los Angeles - Constance Cakp Amarillo - Angel White Montreal     

October -
Ciana Las Vegas - Nadia Chicago - Dominic Black Prague - Jaki moved to London - Ashley Graham Los Angeles

September -  Serpentessa Viola Turin - Goldie moved to Arizona - M P Tampa, Ava E. St.Claire Williamsburg, VA - Cypruss Allure Moorestown, NJ, New Brunswick, NJ & Philadelphia -
Maria Queen moved to New York City - Allie Parker Las Vegas - Val  Chicago and Northern Illinois

August - Michi Newark & tri-state area -  Ivory Ripper Lafayette, LA - Andie Perez Atlanta - Big Thick Muscle Florida Panhandle & Lancaster, PA - Jumuscle Montreal - RedDread London - Orlandoe returned to New York City - Miss Tallula Sydney - Ms Diva Tampa

July - EMYBLACKANGLE moved to Beverly Hills, CA - Beastly Beauty Washington, DC/Maryland - Vanessa Vicious Canton, OH - Raven Eve Swift Dayton - Aston Ft. Lauderdale - Blaze London - Ava Kruger Portland, OR - Ashley "MobWife" Gambino Akron - Luna Blaze Portland, OR - Lola Hardcore Barcelona

June - Aisa Budapest - Wild Tiger Milan - Andrea Fit Pixie Los Angeles - Bora Budapest - Gitta Glasgow - Iron-Phoenix Frankfurt -  Rapture available again in Las Vegas - Devon D'Amo moved to Columbus, GA - Bella Fortunato moved to Columbus, GA

May -
Ashley Wrestler Glasgow  - Daila Lores Toronto - Jessika Pitty São Paulo, Brazil - Laila Czech Republic - Jewel Los Angeles - Combat Glasgow - Sarah Tiger moved to Collinsville, VA - Flame Glasgow - Warrior-Amazon Frankfurt - Jewel Marceau Los Angeles - Adrienne Las Vegas - She Hulk Glasgow - Muscular Nika Europe - Mystica London

April -
Anika Czech Republic - Irene Adller moved to Vancouver - Helga Moscow - Harlequin Crash London - Alpine Addie Pittsburgh - Sheila Bleck moved back to Tampa - Ronny Rome - Paksi Berlin - Anastasia Chicago - Bella Fortunato Atlanta

March -  Kali Pittsburgh - Demonika Atlanta - Brittany New York City

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