Stats: 5-6, 135 pounds, born :1994
Location:  Pittsburgh
E-mail: danii.sessions@gmail.com

Semi Comp, Scissors, Smothering, Pro style Wrestling, Pin Wrestling, couples wrestling, foxy boxing, one sided boxing, beatdowns, domination, belly punching, fantasy wrestling, submission wrestling,  2 on 1 wrestling, grappling, arm wrestling, tickling,

Additional Information

I am 23 years old living just north of Pittsburgh PA. I have wrestling experience from high school. I was a Dancer and gymnast as well. I love to work out.

I will be traveling so contact me so I really know where to go and that I should travel. If you dont send an email I might skip your city! I love to trash talk so if you are sensitive I might not be the girl for you! I can take the trash talk back as well. I am open to things not mentioned above but pleae be respectful asking and understand I do not do everything. Lets session!!!

Want to session with two girls at once? Check out Chloe we offer sessions together.

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