Mistress Kara


Stats: 5-7 165 pounds, biceps:14" thighs: 24" chest: 38", D natural, waist: 32", hips: 38",  calves:16", born 1980
Location: Las Vegas
E-mail: mistresskaradominatrix@gmail.com
Website: http://www.mistresskaradominatrix.net
I offer competitive, semi-competitive, and fantasy submission wrestling sessions. I also offer BDSM sessions. Often my sessions involve a combination of the two.

Additional Information
Greetings! I am Mistress Kara and I am exactly what you've been searching for!

I am a professional Dominatrix and submission wrestler and I love to sweat it out on the mats with my victims .... er.. opponents. I am dominant yet very personable, I am incredibly strong, much stronger than you can imagine, yet soft and feminine. I have a sense of humor and genuinely enjoy what I do.

You may have seen me over the past decade utterly dominating every single mat Iíve wrestled on from Ultimate Surrender to DoomMaidens to FemWin to most recently EvolvedFights. I take 'em all, men and women alike are intimidate by my undeniable championship record. I love to see the fear in their eyes right before I wrap my anaconda legs and powerful arms around their bodies and tap them out over and over and over again. My favorite move is the rear-naked choke but I'm incredible versatile and trained in Japanese Jujitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) so I use a variety of moves to submit those who are brave enough to face me.

I am available for in-person BDSM and wrestling sessions and cam sessions. I offer competitive (must be approved), semi-competitive, and fantasy (non-competitive) wrestling sessions. I also offer classic BDSM and Domination sessions and oftentimes I will combine wrestling and BDSM to create a full experience.

Email is the best way to contact me but you should respectfully view my website before emailing me so you understand my style and my rules and send the correct info. I only respond to thoughtful detailed emails that contain a greeting, an introduction of who you are, references if you have them, and info about what you are seeking and when.

Looking forward to showing you who's boss! ;)

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