Kayla Woods
Stats: 5-10 150 pounds, born 1985, Back Squat: 132 kg (291 lb), Front Squat: 124 kg (274 lb.), Snatch: 82 kg, (181 lb), clean & Jerk: 102 kg (225 lb.), born: 1985
Location:  Chicago area, will do most sessions in Chicgoland/O'Hare area, unless traveling for sessions
E-mail: kaylawoods777@gmail.com
Fantasy wrestling, semi-competitive, overpowering, tickle wrestling, scissors, light boxing, lift and carry, muscle worship, posing, role play, foot play, foot worship - NO FULL SERVICE

Additional Information

Hello. I'm happy to be here WB270.  When I was a little girl, I was faster, stronger, bigger, and more powerful than all the boys. I was superior and I enjoyed outperforming them all. As I grew up, I was still a tomboy -- always wanting to climb trees, wrestle (play Power Rangers),  and rough up the boys. Fast forward about 25 years, and here I am a superior being -- but this time well-aware of her power. Well-aware that I am a fit, powerful, gorgeous woman whom men and women alike both admire and desire. I enjoy showing off, making others laugh and blush, and talking about my hard, athletic body.  A am an easy-going woman who loves to laugh, be happy, and be super sexy. Throughout my athletic journey, I have played multiple sports. After having played collegiate volleyball, I competed in Crossfit for 4 years. For the last two years, my energy and focus has been on Olympic Style lifting.  Along with Oly lifting, I do accessory work to build my hard biceps, and thick back. I have also sought out wrestling / BJJ/boxing coaches so that I can not only take you with my strength, but my skill and technique as well. :)**** I have far too much respect for my body and sport to have experienced with HGH or Steriods. I am an all- natural woman!***   

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