Lia LaBowe


Stats: 5-8, 130 pounds, born: 1979
Location: Boston
Specialities: Semi competitive, Competitive, Arm wrestling, Boxing, Lift and Carry

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"Lia is a trained martial artist in the Gracie Barra tradition of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. She is quite friendly but does she ever like to take a guy to the mat and wrestle him to his limits...and beyond. She has a tall and athletic figure that is not to be underestimated for strength. if you are going to come wrestle Lia LaBowe, don't bring your pride because she will playfully but summarily take it from you. She is Fun to wrestle!"

  • 8/05: "I have had 3 sessions with Lia Labowe.  Lia is the total package: beauty, personality, athleticism, and grappling ability. She is quick and shockingly strong for her size. I have over 50 pounds on her, but with her superior grappling ability, she just dominates me on the mat. As great as she is at wrestling, she is an even a better person and she makes the entire experience fun. She also has a nice private place to wrestle with very large matted area."
  • 10/05: "I had a great time wrestling Lia Labowe.   I'm 225 pounds and fairly athletic, but that didn't matter as she proved to be very strong and quite proficient at applying chokes, armbars and scissors from which I had no choice but to tap out.   Not once did I get her to submit.  Lia is very feminine and attractive as well as a really cool person.   And she wrestles in a large well-matted area."
  • 10/05: "I had a semi-competitive session with Lia Labowe and it was worth every penny!  First of all besides having "the beautiful girl next door" good looks, she is courteous and polite.  I was nervous, being my first session, but Lia, donning a skimpy black bikini, made me feel at ease and relaxed.  Being that I am over 200 lbs, I thought I would hurt her and that I would have to take it easy...BOY WAS I WRONG!  Lia really knows how to wrestle.  She had me off balance and maintained control throughout the session.  She pinned me time and time again with schoolgirl pins and cross body pins, I rarely escaped.  And when I would try to pin her, SHE BUCKED ME OFF!  Her headscissors, front and reverse, are devastating!  Once trapped and secured in her beautiful but deadly thighs, there is no escape.  "
  • 10/05:  "Lia offered up a wonderful semi to competitive session at times with tremendous scissors that will knock your socks off.  By looking at Lia, you wouldn't necessarily think of alot of power from Lia for she does not appear to be the muscle builder that we all see from time to time.  However,  there is a high degree of power in her body especially her
    thighs: when she clamps down it is just about impossible to get out. "
  • 10/05: "Lia met me downstairs at the elevator in shorts, where you could tell that this girls had leg muscles, and boy! did she know how to use them.  Her leg scissors were bone crushing to say the least.  to me her best scissor is the reverse head scissor in which she keeps on snapping her legs and tightening her leg muscles until I was out.  she is also an expert on using her inner thigh muscles to precision making them pulsate with crushing power.  The best thing of all she is giggling and laughing as she is crushing you to death.  She is worth every penny, and by far the absolute best session wrestler ever."
  • 2/24: "Lia is gorgeous and slender with a pair of legs that should be registered as deadly weapons in all 50 states! Also, with her new lethal jiu-jitsu skills Lia is truly an “ass kicking Princess”. I especially enjoyed her array of triangle chokes, armbars, and reverse scissors which she was able to execute on me (185lbs) with smooth precision .When she gets you locked you have no choice but to submit. I was helpless while she taunted me with her sultry voice, challenging me to break free while she applied further pressure and maintained absolute control. Lastly,  Lia is a very sweet accommodating person whose definitely not a clock watcher."



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