Stats: 5-0 100 pounds, born: 1984, 34 B-27-30, bench: 105 lb, squat: 225 lb., leg presss: 500 lb.
Location: Atlanta
Specialties: Semi-competetive, fantasy, role-play, belly punching, sploshing , muscle/body/foot worship and trampling, stomping, scissor, submission, 2 girl vs. 1 guy, fem/fem, mud/pudding/oil wrestling, cat fighting, tickling, spanking/paddling, belly/ball busting, beat downs, face sitting/smothering, trampling, posing/ modeling, foot/boot/shoe/sock fetish, crushing (absolutely nothing living), sploshing, domination, humiliation, bondage, flogging, gagging,  lift n carry (up to 200 lbs.). Please request if not listed specifically.

Additional Information

"Let me asure you my skills are better than average and improving daily.  I am a very active person. I enjoy kayaking, rock climbing, playing pool. I also enjoy reading, writing, acting, singing, and dancing.  I was active growing up. I was captain of the rifle/ pistol team (3x Jr. olympian) and I did track where I threw shotput and discuss.  I'm multi-lingual and converse with visiting clients better than most (French, Latin, Japanese very well; conversational Mandarin, Spanish, Italian and ASL)"

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