Stats: 5-2, 120 pounds, 27 years old (born : 1987), caucasian,  brown hair, brown eyes
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada - available in other areas by arrangement
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French
posing, gymnastics, modeling, martial arts, judo, kick boxing, karate, wu-shu, boxing, fantasy wresling, fantasy dominant, roleplay, excellent scissors, slave training, belly punching, spanking, domination, humiliation, sensual muscle/ body/ foot worship and foot fetish.

Additional Information

SkyStorm says : "hot, hard and sexy, athletic and muscular body, amazingly flexible ( with 24 years background in gymnastics ), ex gymnast in the Olympic Team of Romania, professional dancer.  I made 2 years of karate and competed, also did another 3 years of wu-shu full contact."

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